Glen Randy Schoen Is Insane

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It just seems like this piece of shit is too narcissistic to see his own reflection. He thinks people cannot have their own opinions or views. That it is illegal for people to take publicly available information and use it to expose him after he obtained information from hundreds of people on the internet and spread it with the agenda of unwanted contact (criminal harassment). If you fuck with innocent people YOU are NOT the VICTIM.

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As absolute narcissists/megalomaniacs, all psychopaths think they’re extremely important. (“I am the mayor of vaughnlive”) To them, the universe revolves around them and their needs.(“If younow wants me to broadcast they have to change this immediately”)  Everyone around them is either a TARGET they will try to use to fulfill those needs (Kumgitsum is a target to use against me) or an obstacle to be eliminated in the pursuit of what they desire. (Bringing popular broadcasters on Skype to ridicule and shame and “goof on”) For this reason, psychopaths surround themselves with individuals they can manipulate and brainwash, who idolize them. (Every mod in Glensroom) This not only gives them tools to machinate against others but also supports the narcissistic/Megalomaniac bubble, sustaining their false sense of importance.

This is definitely Glen.This is what makes Glen tick.All of the people who communicate or associate with Glen in some way shape or form. You know what gets me is that not one person has called Glen out.Not one person has said, “Stop trying to use me to get to someone else” or “stop using me for your own amusement” or “stop making fun of me” because if ANYONE does that Glen will immediately expose his megalomania by using the chat tools on vaughnlive. This is the only way Glen feels he has taken control and if he lacks that control (Younow doesn’t have those abilities) he throws a tantrum like a child and leaves.

Imagine that you were raised by a psychopath in a place where you weren’t allowed out of your house, you weren’t allowed to have friends, exchange opinions, learn, interact with others. (you were an “associate producer” in Glensroom) Then the tyrant who raised you would assume the utmost importance, no matter how pathetic and insignificant he was in any objective sense. The psychology of cult followers (viewers on vaughnlive) and of those imprisoned by a psychopath (“executive producer”) has some similarities, particularly in the importance the psychopath assumes in their lives.

For cult followers (viewers on vaughnlive) or anyone who worships a psychopath, this importance seems to be a positive force: they have someone they consider superior to others, who makes them feel “special” and “superior” as well, by association. It is exaggerated and out of touch with reality: it is carefully created by the psychopath through brainwashing, intimidation tactics, and isolation. (Glen makes others feel as though everyone else’s broadcast is garbage and he is the ONLY broadcast to watch). Glen isolated me by preventing me from wanting to broadcast with harassment tactics towards me. Using people, he knew I had a falling out with against me by acting like them under guest names. Encouraging me to “argue” with them or “fight them” in his chat during his cast or over Skype. Filling my head with lies to make himself appear innocent and others seem guilty.

When their targets no longer idolize them or fulfill their demands, (I did not answer his call immediately on Skype) psychopaths often retaliate. (retaliation in the form of spreading Dox all over vaughnlive) They can’t tolerate when anyone bursts the artificial bubble of their complete and utter narcissism.  Psychopaths are bullies. They often resort to intimidation tactics, such as stalking and cyberstalking, smear campaigns and various other machinations. 

I take Glen’s stalking me very seriously.Using a website to find people’s background information is a form of cyberstalking. All of Glen’s searches on the websites he used to “investigate” drunk_monkey, davie22, jamiez, Lawrville and his entire family etc are retained on record by his ISP and the websites he used. Even the search engines have a record of his searches and activities. All his Youtube searches and watched video history is recorded on record and obtainable by the authorities. Due to the fact, Glen used his real IP address and the location he cannot argue it was not him. 

So I encourage you, Glen, to pursue legal action. I know what they can do to you over abusive behavior. Using their services for harassment and abuse is grounds for termination and suspension. Please continue Glen. I want you to pay for your behavior. 

NONE of the people you included in your harassment and negative behavior deserved it. All of them were innocent people who were using the internet for enjoyment. You have such a huge mental issue that you are willing to try to manipulate someone like Jamiez to stay in your broadcast because you honestly believe you can somehow use her against me. I think she is much smarter than to become a part of your circle of manipulation again. I think she is entertained by your lack of intelligence Glen.

You see I know for a fact Glen constantly obsesses over this entire page.I can see all the traffic and where it originates.I am getting 1500 views per day.That is how much people hate Glen.They want him to be exposed.The greatest thing is I am not including any of them.If they choose to help ruin Glen’s day it was not by my command.They did it on their own.

You should be very frightened Mr. Schoen.I am standing alone against you and your internet gang.I don’t need a gang because I am a big motherfucker who isn’t scared of you at all. You fucking fat midget with 8 chins. Didn’t you use to say nasty things about Reverendburn? Wasn’t that you making remarks about how big Reverendburn is? Glen, I have news for you fucker. Reverendburn lost weight and you gained weight. Isn’t karma hitting you back in the face? I think you need to lay off all the weight insults and look in the mirror.Let me take the time to say something about Reverendburn. I talked car stereo’s with him for an hour in his blogtv broadcast years ago. He seemed like a very good person. Wish I would have listened to him when he would mention how bad of a person you are back then. 



<a href=;>Glensroom</a>

“They talk too damn much about themselves.”

“Just wait for them to get caught up and lose, then point it out. 99% of the time they’ll implode in a showery fit of anger. At that point, you never talk to them again or even respond.”

“Watch how they treat and talk about others behind their back. If they do this to other people, then they most likely talk about you behind your back as well.”

“Gift of Fear” is a great book…should be required reading. Practical examples and advice on how to spot manipulative and dangerous people, how to respond, and most importantly how to protect yourself.

“Manipulative people are ALWAYS motivated by the prospect of ‘winning’ a social interaction.”

“I saw a post that someone else made the other day about a book called the Gift of Fear, and there was some good stuff in there about recognizing crappy people. I read this book once and it had some good info, but this part always stuck out to me:
Forced Teaming. This is when a person implies that he has something in common with his chosen victim, acting as if they have a shared predicament when that isn’t really true. Speaking is “we” terms is a mark of this, i.e. “We don’t need to talk outside… Let’s go in.”

Charm and Niceness. This is being polite and friendly to a chosen victim in order to manipulate him or her by disarming their mistrust.

Too many details. If a person is lying they will add excessive details to make themselves sound more credible to their chosen victim.

Typecasting. An insult is used to get a chosen victim who would otherwise ignore one to engage in conversation to counteract the insult. For example: “Oh, I bet you’re too stuck-up to talk to a guy like me.” The tendency is for the chosen victim to want to prove the insult untrue.

Loan Sharking. Giving unsolicited help to the chosen victim and anticipating they’ll feel obliged to extend some reciprocal openness in return.

The Unsolicited Promise. A promise to do (or not do) something when no such promise is asked for; this usually means that such a promise will be broken. For example an unsolicited, “I promise I’ll leave you alone after this,” usually means the chosen victim will not be left alone. Similarly, an unsolicited “I promise I won’t hurt you” usually means the person intends to hurt their chosen victim.

Discounting the Word “No”. Refusing to accept rejection.
The techniques listed above are all good ways to manipulate others, so if you see any of the behaviors listed directed against you or someone you know then you should be on guard.”“Make them do most of the talking. Don’t give them anything that they can turn against you.”


Glensroom/Glen Schoen threatened to shoot me several times during his broadcast while featured.While he may not take this seriously I do.
Glensroom/Glen Schoen has a lot of mental issues to threaten someone’s life live during his broadcast.He thinks he is above punishment.He continues threatening to take legal action against me as if I am the person in the wrong.I hope he realizes now he has brought things to a new level.His threats to kill me will be taken seriously.Not once have I ever threatened his life.He tried to make lyrics to a song posted in my Fb bio credible threats towards him when they had absolutely nothing to do with him.

The biggest thing is that I have witnessed Glensroom do the same to others several times and I have had to edit it all out.I think he has got away with enough.No more excuses for his behavior.No more avoiding responsibility for his actions and words.He has to have an audience and people on Skype so he feels tough.He constantly goes on and on about not believing in guns when it has to do with freedom.He is a true definition of a coward.

Who Is Glen Schoen?

Glensroom from blogtv is Glen Schoen.After blogtv closed Glen Schoen started broadcasting on @ after being banned from after blogtv merged with them.Glen was banned from younow for asking an underage girl where her dildo was and asking her lewd sexual related questions.

Glen Schoen is a taxi driver and also owns his own DJ company.The name of the company is below.The address his company was previously located at is also included.

A Great Disc Jockey-Bronx New York 10469

Operating Since 2006

Annual Revenue 1-2.5 million

1-4 employees

Company President- Glen Schoen

1050 Allerton Avenue Front 4, Bronx New York 10469


Glen Schoen uses marijuana while broadcasting and does illegal prank calls during what he considers a “show”. The prank calls are a form of harassment regardless of who he is calling.

If Glen Schoen was drug tested by the taxi company he works for he would have his license revoked.The taxi company Glen Schoen works for is very close to where he lives in the Bronx.

If Glen Schoen were harassing people over Skype during his “show” and was reported properly they would trace his illegal phone activity and prosecute him for harassment and threats by communication.

If vaughnlive and was a reputable website they would not allow Glen Schoen to dox people verbally during his “show” and in text form in chat rooms.

Most of Glen Schoen’s activity is only on vaughnlive and and does not get spread all over the internet as widely as he believes.

If you are on the internet I suggest you avoid social broadcasting websites entirely. Social broadcasting websites are filled with a high percentage of mentally unstable people with social interaction issues. These people prey on who they see as weaker targets. They spend their entire lives on social broadcasting websites.Social broadcasting websites include websites like Ustream, Younow,, Vaughnlive, Justcast etc.By social broadcasting, I am not referring to social media such as Facebook.

Not one social broadcasting website is immune to the activities of these mentally ill social outcasts because they flock to any similar platform seeking more attention.

The things I am about to type below all have happened and been recorded and filed. Every part of what took place was well documented. Glen Schoen has attacked hundreds of people online and most of his victims were underage girls from age 12 -16. As I said earlier, Glen was banned for inappropriate behavior with a 12-year-old girl named Savannah. After he asked Savannah where her dildo was and if she masturbated and was banned, Savannah entirely quit using

Blogtv had a side of their website named blogtvjr for children ages 13 -16 to separate the children from the adults. The problem was that children were accessing the adult part of the website and watching broadcasts like Glensroom. Glensroom/Glen Schoen would co-host anyone who indicated they were female during his broadcast.Most of the time they were kids from blogtvjr.When he would co-host them he would ask inappropriate sexual related things about their body parts.These interactions were caught in video captured in live time and posted all over youtube and all over the Internet.

Glen Schoen would also collect information about everyone he encountered online to use as blackmail against them.He would then use it as a way to get them to do what he wanted them to do and control them.This was also very well known and documented.

If you search “Glensroom” anywhere you will find that he has victims trying to expose him but most of them were not able to do anything more than making a few hateful videos and photos.

If Glen Schoen can post a person’s full name and address all over the internet(which is not publicly available) I can surely tell my story using his publicly available name and address and information.

Glen Schoen did put his information out publicly.If he intended on retaining his privacy he would not have chosen to expose himself.

If anyone searches Glensroom or Glen Schoen my task is to make this available to protect other people.I will be posting many stories exposing Glen Schoen.You may want to take the time to read it all because it is all very accurate.This has been taken from many sources online and not just from my own experience or knowledge.

<a href=””>Glensroom</a&gt;

Note: before reading any of the posts below please understand that all of this information was provided by his vaughnlive page via a link. No laws had been broken and this is not an illegal act of any kind. This is all publicly available information. Vaughnlive has allowed this individual to publish his personal information for others to publicly obtain. Vaughnlive provides a privacy agreement that this individual agreed to by creating a username and account. Vaughnlive is not responsible for protecting the privacy of people who use their website.

Sometimes people like to believe they are untouchable, immune to payback. Above others. Nobody can do the same to them that they do to others. Well, today that ends. Today we treat someone the way they treat others. This person has been collecting people’s information for years and when they cross him or when he is bored. Or when they don’t listen to his commands or do what he wants he gives out all of his collected information. He ALWAYS has illegal drugs in his house and HE posted MANY people’s personal information all over the internet before any of this was ever posted.

Taxi driving and a DJ company with 4 employees are how he makes his money….for now…..

Nobody will miss Glen Schoen when he hits the dirt. Glen Schoen is just a nasty person who lives on this earth to share his misery with others. Glen Schoen needs to stop broadcasting entirely. He has nothing to do but talk about marijuana, make fun of other people and talk about things he has no idea about. He hurts people he calls a friend. He will turn on you in seconds. It isn’t because he is high. It’s because he is miserable. Below you will find an email sent to us by another individual about this same person. It provides confirmation of the very same activity we speak of.

“Back when a Canadian website named Blogtv started, social broadcasting was brand new. Many people used Blogtv to meet new people and make new friends. To entertain themselves and other people.To video blog their lives. Eventually, Blogtv was purchased by an Israel-based investor named Oren. Oren owned Blogtv and saw it as a huge investment. Oren wanted people to base their use around fun. Oren had some pretty big ideas.

Blogtv was one of a kind. There was no other website like Blogtv. Unfortunately, they had a side of the website named Blogtvjr where people under 18 could broadcast. Many of the very sick, sexual predators online would target these children. The children were VERY unsafe. Some of these kids would create adult accounts and go to broadcasts LIKE Glen Schoen did where he would COHOST them and discuss sexually oriented things.

Glen Schoen would defend himself stating that it was an innocent activity of knowing who people were before he made them an OP. Glen Schoen was called out with proof via screenshots and video recordings that he was inappropriate with underage girls.

Not to discuss the unpleasant subject too much but Glen Schoen has not changed even to this day. Blogtv closed a few years ago and no longer exists. Blogtv merged with a website named Younow where anyone from the age of 13 and up can broadcast.

Now when younow merged Glen Schoen tried to broadcast there but did not like it. Glen Schoen talked badly about it and wanted to broadcast on another website. He chose and you can catch his shitty broadcast @

To discuss vaughnlive a little bit it is a similar social broadcasting platform BUT it is 18 years old and up. Vaughnlive is a haven for fail trolls and bullies and haters. Very rarely can you see anything but boring fake radio stations and narcissists of several different levels? There are also good broadcasters but a very limited selection.

There are camwhores from cam4 etc(sarahsixtwo,ganjagirl,hippychk,okbubbaswife,coco2loco,bunbunzz) who go to vaughnlive for attention from men. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mentally ill people on vaughnlive and people who cannot function socially. They do not know how to treat a woman or respect anyone else. It really is the sewer of society IMO.

I am going to jump back into the reason I am writing this to send to this page. The person we are discussing (Glen Schoen) has had several people who are very talented help him with graphics and his youtube channel and video content, throughout the many years he has broadcast. Glen Schoen is illiterate as far as the internet goes and cannot even properly browse websites without hours of help.

Glen Schoen called into Howard Stern Show when Howard began as a radio broadcast in the local New York Area. Glen Schoen was known as “the caller” and several times Howard Stern had exposed Glen Schoen’s real first and last name to the public.Howard Stern disliked Glen Schoen so much that you will notice not one mention of him.Howard Stern saw Glen Schoen as an obsessed psycho fan and did not give Glen Schoen any exposure.The reality is that Glen Schoen is a nobody.Debbie The Pet Lady was not only a part of Howard Stern’s radio show but a huge part of his show on Sirius Radio.She has also appeared on TV with Stern.Glen Schoen like a little fanboy begged Debbie The Pet Lady to bring him with her.After the first time Debbie brought Glen Schoen with her she realized that Glen was not even known by Howard Stern and Debbie NEVER brought Glen Schoen with her again.The recordings you hear on Glen’s youtube are recordings Glen created and THE ONLY 3 times Howard Stern ever talked to Glen Schoen on the phone.All of the youtube videos featuring audio of Glen calling into a radio station have been flagged numerous times for copyright violation and Glen’s youtube channel has been threatened with legal action.That is the reason you do not see those videos on Glen’s youtube and only on his website.The videos are ILLEGALLY uploaded to the domain server. If the domain was contacted by Howard Stern’s associates or legal team Glen Schoen would be sued for damages.

Glen Schoen makes a lot of enemies online and thinks he is “owning the trolls” or using them as entertainment. Some of the most horrible trolls in existence have “trolled” Glen Schoen. Glen Schoen seems to feed them and add to their anger and so they come back constantly but unknowingly give him more traffic adding to his already swollen head. This is a vicious cycle.All of Glen Schoen’s trolls are disgruntled people he attacked online.

Glen Schoen will host Skype calls where he “interviews” people and retains information about them. Normally Glen Schoen will try to expose personal information from them. Sometimes Glen Schoen will hold “game shows” where he has a winner and will mail them prizes. The biggest atrocity is these people become part of his hidden agenda. Glen Schoen retains people’s information and will give trolls their info to use against them. If someone crosses him Glen Schoen retaliates by “doxing them” or exposing their personal information. This has been a major reason people have chosen to dislike Glen Schoen.

Glen Schoen is retirement age. Glen Schoen tells people he delivers pizza for a living. Glen Schoen lives in the Bronx. Glen Schoen puts on an act like he still lives with his mom but he lived alone for many years. At this point in time (2015) Glen Schoen has a roommate who also works with him in his DJ/Disc jockey business. Glen Schoen also drives Taxi all over New York City. He acts like he has to hide what he does for a living. I must also add he uses marijuana regularly and it is illegal /not legalized in New York City. Somehow Glen Schoen always manages to pass the drug test. The problem with him is not just how deceitful and dishonest he is. The biggest issue is he does some pretty mean nasty things to people who help him in their spare time.

Glen Schoen spent a little time on a little Manhattan cable tv network doing his own tv show. This alone on top of him calling into Howard Stern radio show 3 times has made his ego far beyond the typical ego normally existing in everyone else. Glen Schoen constantly talks about getting an agent and getting back on tv but he lacks anything to contribute as far as entertainment.His TV show was shut down because he lacked any ability to construct something people wanted to watch.

During his broadcast on vaughnlive Glen Schoen likes to act like he is actually on tv. He most of the time talks nonstop about weed, politics and numerous other things he lacks an understanding of. If anyone disproves anything he says he bans them or insults them. Glen Schoen lets certain individuals call in on Skype during his show. Glen Schoen will rudely interrupt them when they talk by talking over them. He will insult their intelligence and make fun of them. Glen Schoen dislikes people who want to talk about themselves openly or control the conversation.

Glen Schoen burps really loud like his rude behavior makes him cool and smokes weed and chain smoke cigarettes. Glen Schoen has health issues (diabetes) and is obese and overweight. His teeth are yellow and his hygiene is terrible. Glen Schoen wears yellow stained white tank tops and t-shirts and broadcasts in a dirty room with garbage all over the floor. Glen Schoen is lazy and rarely does anything but broadcast. He lacks content and has nothing to say to entertain people but the same boring reiterated garbage conversation. When he runs out of things to say he will insult other broadcasters who never even mention him. This causes them to fight back at him. Glen Schoen has hundreds of vaughnlive accounts and harasses people using these multiple accounts. He also has used Facebook under fictitious names for many years yet he makes people out to be evil or sick that have done the same thing. Always the victim like a true narcissist. Unable to accept reality in his dreams like state or megalomania.

There is a moderator you must avoid at all costs named “hippychk” who is truly just as much of an egomaniac as he is. She spent most of her life in a halfway house while eventually going to school. She claims she is a lawyer and makes good money yet she spends every waking moment on vaughnlive. She has absolutely no life yet she brags about being such a successful lawyer. The typical people who affiliate themselves with the individual this post is about. It should also be noted that she constantly harassed me on Facebook and Vaughnlive. She will openly tell you she dislikes me yet I never did anything to her. She will also call me an asshole yet leaves out how she made me retaliate to her behavior.

Many people have helped Glen Schoen online and did very nice things for him. Eventually, he ruins it by expecting them to come running at the drop of a hat and not appreciating anything they do. Glen Schoen will also insult their work and act as if it was nothing. He lacks manners, to be honest.

If anyone who reads this has had a similar bad interaction with Glen Schoen or been the victim of his behavior I welcome your response.

I say children should be protected from sexual predators online. Good people who have done nothing but nice things for others should never be victimized either. If you were the victim of Glen Schoen when you were underage and you are now an adult. I would love to hear from you. We must make sure there are no more victims of his activities. Glen Schoen has gone to younow and been banned for being sexually perverted to a 13-year-old girl. This happened several months ago. Let’s are not let this happen to other people’s children. I hope Glen Schoen stays banned from younow permanently.

If you would like proof Glen Schoen was banned from Younow search his username “Glensroom”. It will come up that the account does not exist when you open the link. That alone confirms he was banned.”

When Vaughnlive decided to make VIP available not only did they chase people away with the thought of paying for something that is free on other websites but they also started to limit guests to 70 characters and limit the emotions they can use. Then that was not enough they decided to make it so anyone NOT VIP gets limited access to their servers when there is a large amount of traffic. So what does this mean in English? That swollen head Glen Schoen has and inflated ego is going to quickly deflate when people cannot even get into his chat to type. A silent chat means NOBODY hears the constant shit rolling out of your yellow tooth filled mouth. Glen Schoen’s head is going to spin off his fat neck.

Update: Glen Schoen ran like a bitch from vaughnlive and started broadcasting on has really changed, Glen mentions me every broadcast in an angry fit of rage.Why? Well because I exposed his behavior towards me and others.

I will be conforming to the TOS agreements and rules on each website. This will not be taken down no matter what happens. Glen Schoen has crossed the line with me to the point he will become the target of everyone he has victimized online. I will not stop until he stops harassing me. All of this information will be replicated hundreds of times. If one thing is removed 80 other pages will have it available.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It has come to my attention that people are being told that I just came out and DOXXED Glensroom for no reason.I want to remind all of the people who might read this that I DID NOT just come out and do that. Glensroom was the person who tried to do that to me and I retaliated. Why? Nothing will be done about what Glensroom did to me and it is not just me that Glen Schoen did that too.

Glensroom has DOXXED many people. Glensroom is just not a very good person. Anyone who he decides to turn on or dislikes is Glensroom’s target. I have honestly witnessed him doing this to various people. I will not say any names they all know who they are. I have proof of this and that I had nothing to do with it.

Glensroom signed up for a website where you can pay to do background checks if you find out their name. Glensroom has been sending things to people and writing their addresses down or stalking people online and researching them in order to check them and publish everything about them as a bullying tactic.

If you were a victim of Glensroom you might have included me as a target because you may have believed I was involved or part of it. I was not part of whatever was going on between Glensroom and others. It is not fair for anyone to target me for my bad decision to help Glensroom. I cannot be held accountable for every enemy Glen made or bad choice that Glen made.

You may think that because you might have obtained the information Glensroom was passing out everywhere you have something on me.I will address that as well. Let’s get one thing straight. I completely entirely do not give a fuck about anything. I don’t care if you think you know who I am. I really don’t give a fuck if you know where I live. YOU will not do fucking shit to me but talk your little shit behind a keyboard and cower in the corner like a little bitch. Now that it’s clear I really don’t give a fuck on to the next thing I have to mention.

The next thing is this.I have the SAME first middle and last name and age as 24 other people. The fact that you might believe for a second you will be able to find out which one is me is entirely ridiculous. I am going to tell you that I will not confirm nor deny a thing. I will not be answering your questions. You will not get an “interview” with me. I am no longer answering questions from anybody. You can continue making assumptions. It’s all people have been doing online.

The other thing is, I have moved to another state. My information will not be available for a long time. Also, my phone number is changed pretty much all the time. Some people believe they are intelligent enough to keep up with me. Good luck getting the confirmation of hearing my voice. So much fail for so little time.

I am not posting this because I give a fuck about anything. Idk why but people always assume I give a fuck when I don’t. I have some friends online that, like me, really do not give a fuck about anything at all. I have some friends that live less than 20 seconds away from me. If you live in the Bronx and think you intimidate me when you tell stories about being associated with drug dealers you got another thing coming. You thought the entire internet was going to lash out on me for what YOU did to me and my retaliation? Cmon now. How smart am I? How many times have I fucking blew your mind with my computer skills? I just cannot believe what an IDIOT people can be. Just the most lower than life, uneducated dip shits who feel doing mean things to others brings them higher on the food chain. Using stupid useless words like “Literally” to make them sound smarter when the use of the word is quite the opposite. Using needless, substitution type , words to make up for lack of intellect is really lame. Even fucking spell check can’t help Glensroom.

Just something to think about here. Does Glensroom realize that everything he searches and everyone he searches for can be seen and brought up on record by his ISP? It can also be traced by the website he purchased a membership to. This won’t stop idiots like Glensroom. As I said before I will not be the last victim but I am trying real hard to make an example out of Glensroom and it doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Glensroom doesn’t use a VPN to hide his identity. He is an easy target really.

Every action you take has a reaction you are not going to like. Did any of you ever notice that people from New York sound retarded when they add an “r” to the end of words that have no “r” in them? Glensroom says the word Karma like this “karmer” <—what the fucking fuck is that? A new fucking word? Idiots like him make NYC look bad.


Not one time has there ever been a verbal or written contract, that I was to perform some sort of education duty and teach GLENSROOM anything at all about the computer or how to use websites like Youtube or any other website, in the 3+ years I was helping him in my spare time edit his archives and upload them to his Youtube channel. It was not my job. It was not my responsibility.

Due to the fact there was no contractual agreement verbally or written, I am NOT in violation of any laws on or offline. I am not nor have ever harassed him online or offline.

I have had absolutely zero contact with Glen Schoen since he told everyone information he believed to be mine live on the air on 12-1-2015.

The pure fact I have evidence related to him encouraging others to harass, investigate and defame me proves he is in violation of the laws against harassment and unwanted contact.

GLENSROOM has continued to hang himself on several occasions when ranting about how he feels victimized and manipulated by someone hiding their identity and location from him. This is so easy to understand for anyone with a normal high school education yet he continues.


I have the right to use WordPress to voice my side of the story and the truth. At no point is this any violation of the law.

Doxing is NOT illegal HOWEVER harassment (passing information to support stalking, encouraging people on vaughnlive to bully me and destroy my online reputation, making allegations I committed any crimes I was not responsible for) IS ILLEGAL.

Listen, Glensroom/MORON, you are producing content in a PUBLIC social webcasting environment and just like in public (park, street.side walks…anywhere out in the public realm) you have no right to privacy.

People can take photos of you outside in public and you can complain all you want but it’s a public place.

On vaughnlive people can screenshot, record and edit content you produce and upload and distribute that content anywhere they wish without penalty. That is why people who blog exist for years without any recourse as long as they follow the TOS.

I have not used anything but an encrypted connection the past 6 years. I can use THOUSANDS of VPN addresses and retain my ability to be anonymous FOREVER.

All of your claims are allegations. All of them. You do not scare me or intimidate me. I am not crazy at all. It is not your business who I am , what I do or how I do it.

I am going to say right now. If I had given you the URL to this page you are welcome here. If you did not get the URL directly from me your visit to this private page is a form of harassment and cyber stalking. You are not welcome here. I am asking you to leave.

Due to the fact I mentioned above, there was not verbal or written contract, any money Glen Schoen sent me was sent on his own decision regardless if he was under the belief my real name was provided.

It does not matter how much money, how often he sent me money or how much the total amount of money was he sent me.

I did not sign any contract or verbally accept any contract. There is no proof otherwise and any contract produced by Glen Schoen is not legal and binding.

Glen Schoen has already admitted publicly that he did not have any information about me during the time he sent me money revealing he did not have any contract of any type.When speaking to Glen Schoen over Skype the money he was sending me was for the purpose of a gift and not for any services rendered. I do not have to send what he sent to me back.


Glen Schoen’s mother Shirley Schoen lives in the same part of New York as Glen Schoen does.

Shirley Schoen

855 E 23rd Street Apt 5J

Bronx New York 10466 718-994-7055

The reason she is being brought up is because Glen Schoen has not only involved his targets in his harassment and attacks but he has involved their family.

Glen Schoen’s brother Bruce Schoen also lives in New York.Glen Schoen is not on speaking terms with Bruce and has mentioned his brother live on his “show” on Glen Schoen was so high on marijuana he said his brother’s full name out loud.You will notice when encountering Glen Schoen that he is not very honest yet very bad at lying.


The difficulty is that each of these can overlap each other but there is not doubt that Glensroom is a narcissist and sociopath.He merely refers to others as “crazy” to project his mental illness on other people. All of the people who support his broadcast seem blind to the fact he is so manipulative and means. He never has anyone disagree with him or call him out so he continues. As soon as one person disagrees or calls him out he quickly mutes, kicks bans or tries to silence them.They are all a threat to his existence.They prove he is guilty and in the wrong and he cannot stand that.

I am a danger because I figured him out.He hates me because he has no power over me or control.He can’t control me so he tries to control how people see me.


Share your interests

Call You Their Best Friend

Contact You Frequently

Always Want To See You Around

Shower You With Compliments

If Female Shower You With Affection

Refer To You As Their best friend Before You Even Have That Discussion

Mentions A Future With You In Some Way

Tells You They Are The Best Friend You Ever Had

Tells You A Sad Story So You Feel Bad For Them

Tells You That You Will Ditch Them So You Feel Guilty

Impossible For Them To Tell The Truth

Is A Cluster B Type Personality Disorder (Controlling Abusive, Manipulative)

NEVER Question Themselves Or Consider The Problem To Be Their’s

Always Blame Someone Else For Everything


Will Distract You With One Hand So You Can’t See What The Other Is Doing

If They Seem shiny sparkly pretty and perfect….you run. You fucking run fast.

NOBODY can hurt me without my permission

You will feel so special until you realize that they say the SAME thing to everyone


What a psychopath Does Is they weave a picture of a person that’s really a dream. It’s a spirit. It’s not real. You Feel like you’ve discovered a best friend. Once you made that bond and we call it the psychopathic bond you don’t want to break it because the psychopath will DESTROY YOU.

Psychopaths have no grasp on reality at all.Nobody wants anything to do with them.The reason they are online is because they cannot socialize with anyone in real life.Online they believe they can hide their psychological flaws.


Is It Ok For Glen Schoen To Harass & Bully Welfare Recipients?

People are on welfare for reason’s they cannot control.People lose their jobs because companies downsize. These companies cannot afford to pay employees with the cost of production rising and competitive similar companies taking their customers. It is out of the hands of the person working for the company. They go on unemployment for lengths of time and they try as hard as they can to get back on their feet. Unemployment and sometimes welfare gets them back on their feet long enough to survive. So the question becomes what is wrong with that? 

To a person who rarely reads anything and rarely states any source of the information from a reputable person or place. Welfare is still like the 80’s where every race but white is lazy and taking advantage of the system when it has been reformed for many years. Glen Schoen is trapped in a time capsule sometime in 1982 while the rest of us are in 2016 (almost 2017). Glen Schoen still claims he knows it all while lacking any ability to form or process change.

So you take the side of defending him? Well, realize how bad it makes you look. Realize that after I produce all these factual questions, about Glen Schoen’s behavior and obsessive targeting to make himself feel better about his miserable life all Glen can do is respond with silence. When his shitty viewers stop mentioning it he brings it up again thinking it will make it come back because secretly he demands everyone talk about people like me. He is helpless. Some of his viewers have entirely bailed on him because they see what will happen. They have no clue how smart it is to stay out of this. It isn’t their business. 

Remember me? I was the one who never lifted a finger to get you. I never had to because you already pissed off people who know me. Those people will feed me without my request. I have your face on a public website associating with Glen Schoen. That is the same Glen Schoen cohosting under age children and asking them sexually baited questions on That will NEVER go away. Remember if you have kids that your face will be found by them associating with a mentally sick man who targets children and wears a party hat and dick nose to lure children into his broadcast. A person who has a hidden agenda with everyone. Someone you cannot trust. Someone who has proven he can turn on innocent people who have done nothing to him but not follow his every command.

You should be embarrassed, all of you. When I am through you will be. Just wait for it.


Is It Alright For Glen Schoen To Harass And Bully The Handicapped?

This is another serious question. Why does the handful of people who watch this narcissist praise himself accept his negative behavior and ignorance? Even if you dislike someone the last thing you do is take things that far. It doesn’t matter if they are or not. The fact   Glen Schoen thinks he has an audience doesn’t give him the right to attack other people. I see no perfection in Glen Schoen. He is flawed in so many ways not even a woman is interested in him enough to spend any effort to be around him. That speaks volumes. Women don’t accept anyone with that many flaws and that shitty personality disorder he suffers from. He lies right to the faces of the people who waste their time watching him. Most of them are too stupid to comprehend he just insulted them because they are unable to see past their snobby nose.

The most OBSCENE thing about Glensroom aka Glen Schoen is that HE IS HANDICAPPED.Glen Schoen is legally deaf.You can hear it when he speaks.He sounds deaf when he talks.


I am asking a serious question.Was it ok for Glen Schoen to DOX other people online? For the people who are always desperately trying to defend Glen Schoen, you heard it directly from him that he got “Drunk monkeys” DOX from stalking “drunk monkey’s” underage niece on Facebook. Yes, that was all Glen Schoen. Nobody else made the poor choice to take things that far. Don’t believe for a second that “drunkmonkey” was the only victim of Glen Schoen.

You all try to ostracize me as if I am the only person who ever exposed Glen Schoen’s behavior and lack of proper ability to take what he dishes out. I have repeated for months and months the same thing only to have people display their lack of comprehension and lack of grade school level reading skills.I cannot make it clearer.If you don’t get it all by now there is no hope for any of you.

You can find more information here: CLICK HERE and also here: CLICK HERE